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The Graduate CV: 3 Top Tips

A graduate CV is very similar to other types of CVs in its fundamental requirements. Like all CVs, they should be carefully designed, well written and concise, with a good layout and a clear message.

Unfortunately, after countless hours labouring over essays, projects, and exams, many graduates fall at the final hurdle when it comes to writing their CV. The result of this is that otherwise excellent graduates do not get the opportunity they deserve.

Here are thee top tips from our senior CV writer about writing a graduate CV:

1. Enthusiasm

It is absolutely essential to show a potential employer you are enthusiastic about joining them. Make it clear in your CV and cover letter that you are passionate, motivated, and eager to be a part of their team. Even a candidate with no work experience can impress an employer if they are fully engaged and hungry to succeed.

2. Detail

The devil is in the detail when it comes to a graduate CV. Many graduates will simply include the most basic details, while omitting crucial facts that will give them the edge when it comes to getting called for interview. Be sure to include relevant experience from any internships, part-time work, courses, and extracurricular activities.

3. Focus

While you may be considering different career choices when you graduate, employers want to see that you are fully committed to working with them and 100% focused on that career. Your graduate CV should be clearly focused on the job you are targeting and avoid any statements which may give rise to doubt about your aspirations.

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